We recognise that our own operations also have an affect on the local, regional and global environment. As a consequence of this, we are committed to continuous improvements in our own environmental performance and the prevention of pollution, as well as offsetting our own emissions to ensure our company is CarbonZero™.

ISO 14001

The directors and staff participated in defining the policy and the creation of the Environmental Policy Action Plan. The Policy and the Action Plan have both been adopted by the directors and have been communicated to all employees. An annual review is carried out and presented to the directors with an aim to secure continual improvement of our environmental performance. This can be achieved with the economically viable application of best available technology.

We welcome input from clients on this important feature of our work, thereby helping to sharpen our policy. We are also happy to advise clients by sharing our methods.

If you would like to view our environmental policy, please contact us.

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