CO2balance is:

An experienced carbon project developer. We have over 40 staff working with 24 communities to deliver improved health and environmental benefits through energy efficient interventions including improved cook stoves and clean water.

A supplier of carbon management services to businesses. CO2balance have worked successfully with 100’s of businesses carrying out carbon management services. CO2balance are a leader in enabling carbon offset projects for our clients.

A leading provider of NGO consultancy services to enable access to carbon finance; for example, with Concern Universal in Malawi and VITA in Eritrea.

A carbon credit wholesaler and well-established provider of licensing opportunities to project developers.

co2balance carbonzero strategy

Our Goal

By 2025 CO2balance will be the leading specialist consultant for climate change adaptation funded solutions.

Our Values


CO2balance conduct business in a transparent, honest and dependable way.


CO2balance are at the forefront of high quality climate change adaptation solutions

High Impact

CO2balance are committed to delivering the biggest, measurable difference possible to the organisations and communities we work with.

What this means for our...


CO2balance earn our clients trust by understanding and meeting their needs.


CO2balance are passionate about climate change adaptation


CO2balance earn the trust of our partners by being transparent and delivering consistent results.


CO2balance make a positive long term difference to the lives of communities we work with.

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