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Kenya Stove Project Impacts
Impact Sector Impact Quantitative Data1
Environment Wood Saved
Area protected
Social No. of stoves
Time Saved
Children Impacted
Elderly People Impacted
Total People Impacted
Economic Working Time Saved
Working Days Equivalent
Health2 Likely reduced cases from project support  
Respiratory Illness (Lower Chest / Lung)
Ear, Nose and Throat Irritation
Total reduced instances of serious illness attributable to indoor smoke

Uganda Borehole Project Impacts
Impact Sector Impact Quantative Data
Environment Wood Saved 01
Social Infants (<5) Impacted 04
Children Impacted 0
Adults Impacted 0
Total People Impacted 0
Health Clean Water Supplied 01
Likely cases of Diarrhoea avoided 05
Likely cases of Fatalities avoided 0

1 The data from the Impacts are based on the field work carried out by CO2balance within the project locations in Kenya. The data that is gathered is in line with the requirements of the Gold Standard as part of the annual Monitoring. These Monitoring Reports are available on request. Data is then cross compared against national averages in Kenya to ensure accuracy. Assumptions and extrapolations have been used where relevant.

2 The Health Data is derived from the following sources R. Perez-Padilla et al, 2010. 'Respiratory health effects of indoor air pollution' in International Journal of Tuberculosis and Lung Disease, vol. 14 no. 9, pp1079-1086 . Kenya National Bureau of Statistics. (2008). Kenya Integrated Household Budget Survey. Ministry of Planning and National Development, p1-300.

3 Wood saved and clean water supplied - Calculations based on field measurements conducted by staff contracted to CO2balance and are conducted according to the requirements defined by the Gold Standard. Monitoring data is available on the Gold Standard registry.

4 People Impacts - Calculations based on field measurements conducted by staff contracted to CO2balance and survey data from the Uganda Bureau of Statistics.

5 Health Impacts - Calculations based on number of diarrhoea incidences per 1000 people recorded in Northern Uganda reported by Barungi & Kasirye, 2011 and the reductions in diarrhoea and diarrhoea fatalities expected after installing a borehole reported by the World Health Organisation.


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