Supporting community based Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) projects in Africa can have a hugely positive impact on a companies reputation and standing, with many companies including these projects in tenders in order to provide that all important edge.


As a project developer CO2balance have the majority of its staff “on the ground” in Kenya and East Africa; this means that they are flexible in implementing additional projects that fall outside the scope of “carbon offsetting” but have strong social and environmental benefits to the community.

As well as “off the shelf” schemes, bespoke projects can be created to fit around the clients needs and requirement. Many are micro and small scale projects, allowing an entry level regardless of budget size.

All projects are supported with marketing information, including digital images of the projects during and post implementation, GPS locations, as well as feedback from the communities involved. For those that are more “hands on” CO2balance can arrange trips to projects.

CSR projects includes:

School Stove & Kitchen Projects - providing schools in Kenya and Tanzania with a cleaner, healthier and cheaper method of cooking school meals, meaning that they can feed and educate more children.

School Improvement Project - CO2balance have identified numerous schools within the projects areas where they run the stove project that are in need of an improvement programme. Improvements include installation of solar lighting, roof repairs and provision of desks and schooling equipment.

Solar Lighting for Education - this project in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda aims to both reduce carbon emissions whilst also benefiting the education of local children through the donation of solar-charged lights to school children.

Mangrove conversation project - Mangroves are nature’s barrier against coastal erosion from tides and also act as a buffer against storm surges and hurricanes.

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