Why Partner and Invest with CO2balance UK Ltd?

Established in 2003, CO2balance is dedicated to delivering outstanding project development to communities throughout the developing world. By using seed funding from investors and partners CO2balance can deliver high impact energy efficiency projects globally whilst creating a return on investment.
Partnering or investing with CO2balance has a number of options.


Option One

For an organization already working on implementing project technology into the developing world, for example supplying clean cook stoves, solar energy or clean water to communities. CO2balance can provide access to revenue through carbon finance to upscale your activities. This would involve writing Gold Standard project design documentation to generate carbon credits from the emissions savings as a result of the implementation of your project technology.

Option Two

For an organization with finance to implement a project in the developing world but with no experience, CO2balance can work with you to deliver positive life changing project technology into a community. For example, access to clean water. Whilst delivering the project on your behalf CO2balance can work with you to deliver a return on your original investment through carbon finance.

Partnership in Action: CO2balance are working in partnership with Concern Universal to develop high impact community projects throughout Africa and South Asia. As well as carbon savings the projects will provide multiple co-benefits direct to the families in the project area.

Please visit our collaborated microsite below

concern universal microsite

Please note: In support of both the Financial Conduct Authority and ICROA standpoint, CO2balance does not endorse investment by unsophisticated individuals.

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