The problem...

Throughout Kenya many people still cook in a traditional way on what is called a three stone fire -
this is exactly as it sounds, three rocks with a pan sat on top of an open fire. This method is very
inefficient as much of the heat is wasted as it escapes around the pan. It also produces a great deal
of smoke from the wood being burnt, as the majority of people cook indoors this enclosed smoke is
a major cause of health issues.

The solution…

To counter this, the Kisumu Energy Efficient Stove Project supplies energy saving cooking stoves
for local villages. These brick stoves result in a 50% reduction in the need for firewood and thereby
prevent carbon from being emitted. The stoves are made in Kenya and are provided to families free
of charge. In addition to carbon prevention it also provides families with a cost and time effective
method to cook with. The reduced need for firewood helps to prevent deforestation, creating knock
on benefits to the wildlife in terms of habitat and flood prevention. It is also a healthier method of
cooking as it reduces in-door smoke by half. In-door smoke is a serious problem in Africa and the World
Health Organisation dubbed it the “kitchen killer”, as it is responsible for 1.9 million deaths in Africa every year.

Beyond carbon saving - Additional impact benefits:

-Reduced deforestation and degradation of surrounding forests
-Reduced soil erosion and nutrient loss
-Reduced risk fo flooding
-Reduced poverty, as the stoves reduces expenditure on cooking fuels
-Reduced adverse health effects associated with indoor air pollution
-Reduced cooking and wood collection time; allowing more time on other
household tasks, as well as schooling and supervising children
-Reduced exposure of firewood collectors to hazards in remote areas
-Reduced burns and injuries from exposure to an open fire
-reduced deforestation and degradation of surrounding forests

Project Accredition

The Kisumu Energy Efficient Stove Project has been independently audited and approved by The
Gold Standard – an independent carbon standard that ensures that the project has strong additional
sustainable benefits to the communities as well as carbon savings.

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