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Our projects here, in Eritrea, positively impact local communities in the following areas:

  • Health & Wellbeing
  • Environment
  • Society

CO2balance has extended its Improved Kitchen Regimes Multi-Country POA to a project in Zoba Anseba, Anseba district in Eritrea. The Eritrea project, involves working closely with Vita, an Irish NGO, in distributing approximately 8000 domestic fuel-efficient cook stoves to households within the Zoba Anseba region. The improved traditional stove was developed by the Department of Energy (Ministry of Energy and Mines) through research and development done at the Energy Research Centre of the Ministry and it is already successfully used in several thousand households in other regions of Eritrea. Thanks to its improved efficiency, the stoves will not only reduce the demand for fuel wood by 60%-70%, thereby reducing environmental degradation and greenhouse gas emissions.

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      Project Name Project Status Ref
Cookstove GS1247 VPA 25 Improved Kitchen regimes: Dissemination of improved stove in Zoba Anseba, Eritrea In Development -

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