Shimba Hills Improved Cook Stoves (Small Scale)

This small scale Gold Standard project will involve the distribution of wood-burning improved cook stoves to households in Maungu; Muhaka; Kasigau; Kwale Village & Golini Village, Kenya.

Muhaka is one of the villages that forms part of the Kinondo location in Msambweni Division Kwale District. The community is made up of an estimated 500, mainly Muslim, Digo indigenous families. Muhaka Village is located in Kwale District, which, records high incidences of poverty with an estimated 70% of the population living below the poverty line as indicated, by United Nations poverty levels. 

Kwale District has been ranked among the poorest in education infrastructure and resource development in Kenya. Over 50% of the school age population has no access to proper education resources. In Muhaka, the quality of education is very low, 70% of adults lack basic literacy skills, thus perpetuating poverty. Cases of early marriage and child labor are constantly on the rise due to the prevailing illiteracy.

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