Aberdares Improved Cook Stoves (Small Scale)

Within the Aberdares Range there is large scale, uncontrolled, irregular, or illegal human activities like charcoal production, logging, settlements, and crop cultivation.  This has caused devastation within the range. The situation is so critical that a fence is being constructed to reduce such degradation.

co2balance will be attempting to address some of these issues by distributing improved cook stoves in the area surrounding the range. In the absence of this project, locals would primarily cook using traditional inefficient wood stoves.

The stoves will be constructed, distributed and installed by local people under the guidance of co2balance Kenya. These stoves will utilise the efficient rocket technology which initial testing has shown to be much efficient than traditional 3-stone fires. These stoves will use less firewood and emit less smoke, which will reduce daily firewood costs and illness caused by smoke inhalation.

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