Meru Improved Cookstoves - Small Scale - GS

This project will distribute approximately 20,000 improved stoves to households in the targeted area, which will reduce demand for firewood - as well as reduce indoor air pollution.  The time taken to collect firewood in the dry season and household expenditure on firewood during the wet season will also be reduced.

The project will be located in Chuka, Magumoni, Igambang’ombe, Mt Kenya forest divisions within the Meru South District in Eastern Province

In addition to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, will provide the

following co-benefits:

  • Reduced deforestation and degradation of surrounding forests
  • Reduced soil erosion and nutrient loss
  • Reduced risk of flooding
  • Reduced poverty, as the efficient wood stove reduces annual expenditure on cooking fuels
  • Reduced adverse health effects associated with indoor air pollution
  • Reduced cooking and wood collection time; householders can spend more time on other household tasks, as well as schooling and supervising children
  • Reduced exposure of the firewood collectors (mainly women) to hazards in the deep forest (sexual assault and animal attacks)
  • Reduced burns and injuries from cooking

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