Our Carbon Projects work with communities in developing countries to deploy a range of efficient technologies aimed at improving their quality of life, improving health and economic outcomes and reducing global emissions. Improved efficiency cook stoves reduce the need for firewood and the volume of harmful smoke the families are exposed to. Our community borehole projects provide clean, safe drinking water for hundreds of families as well as reducing carbon emissions as water no longer has to be boiled to make it safe to drink. If you want to know more please read the project details below or give us a call, we would be happy to explain how your support can save lives and be good for your business.

Projects Map

Project Name Country Ref
GS Aberdares Kenya GS883
GS Kisumu Kenya GS843
GS Likoni sub-micro Kenya GS825
GS Meru Kenya GS976
GS Msambweni Kenya GS977
GS Shimba Hills Kenya GS824
GS Shimoni sub-micro Kenya GS827
GS West Kisumu Kenya GS978
GS Community Boreholes Uganda GS1359

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