CO2balance has 5 borehole VPAs (Voluntary Project Areas) in Uganda. Four are located in the Kole, Otuke, Dokolo, Alebtong in Northern Uganda and one in the Kaliro district in Eastern Uganda. Carbon projects involve the rehabilitation and maintenance of hand-pumped boreholes owned by communities in various districts in Uganda. These boreholes are in rural districts where local people use wood on inefficient three stone fires to purify their drinking, cleaning and washing water.

In addition to supplying clean, safe water and mitigating climate change, the project impact local people's lives by resulting in less wood used by households, reducing time spent collecting wood to boil water, reducing expenditure on wood fuel, and importantly reducing incidence of illness.

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Project Name Ref
Iganga Improved Cook Stove Projects GS979
Kole District Borehole Rehabilitation GS1247

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