As a project developer CO2balance run numerous projects throughout Africa that produce Gold Standard VER carbon credits. These credits are available for bulk purchase by carbon offset companies wishing to add these high quality carbon credits to their client portfolio.

Our Gold Standard projects in Africa are available to carbon offset companies on a wholesale basis in order to diversify their portfolio with high quality community focused VER credits.

CO2balance specialise in community focused small and micro scale projects, with many producing 10,000 to 30,000 tonnes a year. This offers the unique opportunity to purchase the entire issuance year allowing, in essence, the ability to “own” the project for that yearly issuance cycle.

Issued Projects

CO2balance are experts in running Improved Cook Stove Projects and borehole rehabilitation Projects in Africa; to see the full list of issued projects please visit our Project Portfolio page

Projects in development

New projects are continually being developed by CO2balance’s Project Team, with new countries as well as technologies. In order to secure the credits from these projects, forward issuance contracts are available to ring fence the resulting credits. Please contact us for more information.

Our added value services for you

Along with high quality Gold Standard African carbon credits, support includes the following, all of which can be white labelled:

  • Project imagery and video
  • GPS locations of improved cook stoves and boreholes
  • Impacts reports with quantifiable sustainable indicators

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