CO2balance have worked with many companies to manage their environmental impacts through the carbon calculation, reduction carbon offsetting process.
Regardless of size or budget there are ways that all companies can minimise their carbon impact in a way that will provide an excellent green message to promote to clients and customers.

When working with CO2balance; the ethos is of a long term support and assistance throughout the annual offset period. This includes:

Project visits - CO2balance offer clients the opportunity to visit the project locations, managing and accompanying the entire project trip for the client.

Staff engagement - This includes project trips as mentioned above for staff (for reward and incentive programmes), as well as breakfast & lunchtime presentations to make staff aware of the client’s project support in Africa.

Impact reports - This includes details on the full sustainability spectrum, providing statistics on numbers of children positively impacted, wood saved amongst many others.

Project imagery and video - CO2balance have a library of project images that are open for clients to use, as well as video that can be made bespoke to feature the client’s logo and branding.

Tender & proposal support - Through the annual offset cycle, CO2balance are on hand to provide support for its client’s tenders and proposal submission. This takes many forms and is often information and wording on the projects, as well as impacts and statistical reports related to their carbon footprint and offset work.

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