As a project developer, CO2balance is a world leader in creating community focused Gold Standard carbon offset projects throughout Africa. The credits that are produced can be bulk purchased by carbon offset companies wishing to add these high quality quality carbon credits to their client portfolio.

Creating dedicated projects for you – or your client:

As well as existing projects; CO2balance’s Registered Gold Standard Micro Programme of Activities Project means that bespoke Voluntary Project Areas (VPA) can be created throughout most of Africa, with each VPA producing 10,000 carbon credits a year. The flexibility of this PoA fast track projects that fit around the needs and locations of the clients.

Choosing your location:

As well as the VPA’s that are currently in development, CO2balance has the ability to run projects in a multitude of countries, both LDC and non-LDC countries.

Choosing your technology:

Current technologies that include improved cook stoves and borehole rehabilitation projects; however there is the option to add additional technologies to the PoA to meet the requirements and needs of the clients.


  • The ability to develop and produce a project solely for the client
  • Exclusive ownership of the project
  • Develop a project in a particular location as requested by the client
  • Scalable, with each VPA producing 10,000 tCO2 a year.

Please note: In support of both the Financial Conduct Authority and ICROA standpoint, CO2balance does not endorse the purchase of issued voluntary carbon credits by unsophisticated individuals for the purpose of investment.

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