1000 steps ahead

8 June, 2014 | andrewocama
Categories: Safe Water, Uganda

It’s a new month and in Uganda it has come with a sudden rise in temperature and retreat of the rains. We are asking ourselves where the heavy rains we had last week have gone. But then again, it is too soon to tell what the weatherman will conjure up. 

This month comes with two national holidays, both with a similar theme. First, on the 3rd of June, we celebrated the heroes of faith, who gave their lives for what the God they believed in. Then subsequently on the 9th of June we shall celebrate the heroes of our nation, who gave and are still giving their all to take Uganda to the promised land we believe we can achieve. In a way, they all are heroes of faith. They took a step of faith to stand for what was and is dear to them. 

The Uganda martyrs showed that it is never too soon to stand up for your convictions. Most of them were paiges in the king, Kabaka Mwanga’s court but their youth did not stop them from making a statement that ultimately cost them their lives. In the same breath, one of the liberation war stories that I will never forget is that of a young boy, who went in as a spy and caused mayhem in the enemy’s camp. I can’t really remember his name but the mental image of his face is still imprinted in my mind till this day. He was a hero.

Across the ages, many have stood up and committed their lives to their convictions. To these people, it was not money that motivated them but a cause that was close to their hearts. At every stage they ditched whatever would detract them and pushed on, sometimes sacrificing their lives, not living to see the benefits of their struggle and never seeing that their actions motivated many around them to go a step forward.

On Martyrs day, over one million people took part in the celebrations some coming from as far as South Sudan and Kenya. It showed how an act of sacrifice based on a positive conviction could go far in inspiring others.

Uganda is currently driven by a desire for a better nation. Many are going beyond the work of the government to privately change their small sphere for the better. Co2balance is not left behind in this. We selected 10 more  villages in Kaliro district in Eastern Uganda for inclusion into our safe water program. It will go only a small way further to provide safe water for communities in rural Uganda but “1000 households more” cannot be taken for granted. This month we shall visit Alebtong and Kaliro districts and I am pretty keen on the interaction both with the “wanainchi” within the villages and their leaders. These interactions always add value to our projects and will definitely improve on the way we deliver services to the people.