2021 achievements

21 December, 2021 | Maria
Categories: Carbon Offsetting, Climate Change, CO2balance

While 2021 has been a challenging year for all of us and has slowed down some of the progress we intended to make, CO2Balance has achieved some fantastic results. We have managed to expand despite the circumstances and would like to share some of our highlights with you through this post.

We have successfully expanded our Malawi, Zambia, Kenya, Uganda, Mozambique, and Sierra Leone projects, strengthening the impact we have in our current project countries as well as our commitment to the 2030 SDGs. We are also excited to announce our work starting in two new countries, Togolese Republic and Burkina Faso, with borehole rehabilitations starting early 2022.

Over the year 2021…

  • 21 new small scale water projects (VPAs) have been established in 4 countries
  • 35 new micro scale water projects (VPAs) have been established in 4 countries
  • 906 additional handpumps have been rehabilitated
  • Over 3,100 WASH trainings have been conducted
  • 4 major stove training sessions were conducted in or project areas
  • 2 new small scale cookstove projects were established in 2 countries
  • 8004 additional improved cookstove solutions have been distributed
  • Over 58,000 carbon credits have been issued

We are at a fantastic point in time for climate action, with multi-disciplinary discussions, interest and commitment connecting with each other for meaningful change. We are incredibly excited for high-impact carbon offsetting moving more and more into the mainstream and feel very motivated to keep maximizing our work and impact in 2022.

A massive thank you to all our partners, clients, colleagues, and anybody who takes any kind of action to make this world a more sustainable place.

We will take a little break and our offices will be closed from December 27, reopening on January 4, to make sure we start the year full of energy!

May we wish you very safe and happy holidays, and a wonderful transition into the new year!