Wisdom Stove Kenyan Cookstove Project

6 December, 2021 | Katri Hastings
Categories: Improved Cookstoves, Kenya

Wisdom stoves, one of our cookstove project partners in Kenya, were at a trade show in Kenya last week, Made in Kenya. Wisdom Stove managing director Dan Waithaka describes how their cookstove reduces the amount of fuel used for cooking, helping to curtail deforestation, limiting the pollution people are exposed to when cooking, and lessening the amount of time people, women in particular, spend collecting firewood.

He describes how their cookstove uses biomass gasification and converts the wood used into charcoal as you cook, further reducing deforestation. He tells of how the cookstoves are sold, often through women’s groups and in the highland tea producing regions. End user education on how to use the stoves is key, so he says they look for opportunities to showcase the cookstoves where they can demonstrate to groups.