85,500 stoves distributed in Rwanda – how this achievement has impacted individual families

18 April, 2024 | Kate Danter
Categories: Case Study, CO2balance, Improved Cookstoves, Rwanda, Sustainable Development Goals

In December 2023, CO2balance hit the end of distribution in our Rwanda improved cookstoves project and achieved the milestone of providing 85,500 Canarumwe cookstoves to households in the Kayonza, Bugesera and Nyamasheke districts. This is a huge achievement for both the CO2balance team and our partner organisation, Rwanda for Peace and Progress (RPP). A big thank you to RPP for running successful stove distribution days in countless communities, bringing everyone together to facilitate their switch from the traditional three-stone-fire.

Canarumwe stoves being distributed to communities

Each stove distributed not only reduces the carbon emissions produced by cooking (contributing to SDG 13 – Climate Action), but also brings about other benefits for households, contributing to 3 other Sustainable Development Goals! These are SDG 3 – Good Health and Wellbeing, SDG 5 – Gender Equality, and SDG 7 – Affordable and Clean Energy.

A case study from stove recipient Uwizeyimana Emerianne demonstrates these benefits from a personal, first-hand perspective. She lives in Bugesera district with 6 members of her family, working in agriculture. She told us how using the stove has improved her family’s health.

“We no longer face respiratory difficulties and eye irritation caused by using the traditional three-stone-fire which produces high quantities of smoke.”

The stove has also saved the family time and money as cooking is quicker and they no longer have to buy firewood, instead it is collected weekly.

“The use of Canarumwe makes life easy as we save time to do domestic activities, join our community and be with our kids. I also used the money previously used to buy wood to buy a goat, so that I could continue to improve life of my family.”

Uwizeyimana Emerianne with her stove and family

We look forward to continuing to receive positive stories such as these from households using the Canarumwe stove for years to come.