A brief Introductory note

21 August, 2014 | co2ethanobrien
Categories: CO2balance

Ethan here introducing myself to you all. A little over two weeks ago I joined this fantastic team at CO2balance and already feel right at home. I originate from Ireland and am fresh from a masters programme in Carbon Management at the University of Edinburgh. It is extremely fulfilling to join an organisation that seeks to find practical and ethical carbon solutions to 21st century challenges in a host of different countries. In joining the projects team at the CO2balance Taunton office, it was evident from the beginning that an atmosphere of excellence, outstanding knowledge and most importantly a fun team that allows itself to take life less seriously at times exists. I could not be happier about potentially contributing to the successful implementation of  CO2balance projects in the future. It will of course be a challenging experience getting up to speed, but after seeing Richard’s dance moves on my first week, I feel like I can handle anything. Stay happy and healthy and I look forward to communicating with you all soon.

A brief introduction to Irish culture – The below image  is me (I’m on right of this picture) playing an Irish field game called hurling. It involves the use of sticks and a ball and is often branded as the fastest field game in the world. It is fantastic.