Ageing Gracefully

17 March, 2015 | co2mosesmaina
Categories: Improved Cookstoves, Kenya

Kabongo village is located in Kajulu East location, Kadero sub location in Kisumu East in the Western part of Kenya. It’s in this village that we meet Mama Leonidah Ayola. Wife to one Mzee James Ochieng. The couple in their old age, both of them in their 90’s explain their gratitude to Carbon Zero Kenya for the energy efficient stove that has changed their lives and how much they have benefited from the stove.

Mzee James says that “before getting this CZK stove every morning, my wife spent around two hours just on cooking meals this was because she was just merely struggling with smoke. Altogether she used to spend 3 hours a day looking for firewood which could not even last for long because the three stone stove was consuming a lot. She often had problems lighting the stove as sometime she could get burns. And once she lit it smoke soon occupied the whole kitchen leading to excessive coughing and she could even shed tears. This was a very dangerous situation! I used to spend a lot taking her to hospital not knowing it was the three stone stove that was the main cause of her coughing problems. But since I got this CZK stove a lot has changed no more coughing, again she spends less time cooking for firewood. Now looking at her age she cannot carry a heavy load of firewood so we are happy now.”

Mama Leonidah

Mama Leonidah nodes with a smile and adds that ….. “the Carbon zero stove has really helped save a lot of firewood because it uses just three pieces to cook one meal. You know how much we struggle to get firewood here. Carbon Zero Stove retains a lot of heat and cooks very fast. This enables me to spend less time at the fireplace cooking my meals. Am happy my grandchildren don’t go to school hungry anymore. They always find ready food in the pot. With this old age it’s very hard and unhealthy for an old person like me to inhale smoke. It chokes and develops chest problems. But since I got improved stove, life has changed. Our trips to the hospital have really reduced and we are grateful for that.”

Mama Leonidah is happy with the stove because now she can save time to be in her farm and also relax with her grandchildren.