Annual Monitoring completed for our Malawi Stove project

26 June, 2023 | Amie Nevin
Categories: Improved Cookstoves, Malawi, Sustainable Development Goals

Project activities within our joint stove project with Self Help Africa (formerly United Purpose) have faced recent hurdles due to the ongoing challenges presented by the Cyclone Freddie and cholera outbreak. Things are beginning to ease and annual monitoring has just successfully taken place. The team travelled to 8 communities to conduct in-personal questionnaires, with specific questions about cooking habits and stove use so CO2balance can measure the impact the project has had.

Annual monitoring is an essential part of our projects, the data is used to inform emission reduction calculations which are the foundation of the project. The data also provides important social-impact data, we get an insight into the day-to-day impacts the project has had on their lives. We get a broad range of answers, it is really interesting to hear impacts we would never have thought of ourselves or anticipated. The results from the annual monitoring surveys provide figures which are used to measures the contributions to the Sustainable Development Goals.

We now conduct our surveys on mobile monitoring, making it a much easier and efficient process – we are thankful this works offline given the large remote area the project area covers.