A Sincere and Heartfelt Thank You

19 April, 2016 | co2ethanobrien
Categories: CO2balance

Unfortunately, the time has come for me to move on from the CO2balance family to pursue other ventures. Heavy hearted, I bid farewell to the wonderful people I have had the privilege to work with since I joined the company in 2014. I am immensely proud to have called you all colleagues and friends. Every song… Read the full article >

Zoba Anseba Cookstoves: Tekea and her Award Winning Eritrean Stove

31 March, 2016 | co2ethanobrien
Categories: Case Study, Eritrea, Improved Cookstoves

Tekea Tsefagherghesh keeps her home spotlessly clean – not an easy task in Eritrea, a hot and dusty sub-Saharan country.  Tekea’s village, Adi Tekelezan, is 2,500 metres above sea level and about 40 minutes’ drive north of Eritrea’s capital Asmara. Within the low walls is the mid-sized hut that contains Tekea’s most proud possession; her… Read the full article >

Zoba Maekel, Eritrea – Completion of Borehole Repairs

30 March, 2016 | co2ethanobrien
Categories: Eritrea, Safe Water

After three months of enormous efforts our project partners Vita have successfully completed the repair and maintenance of 48 bore holes in the central region administration of Eritrea (or Zoba Maekel) This repair programme has received mass support and satisfaction from the beneficiaries that will now benefit from access to clean water across the entire district…. Read the full article >

Eritrea: Programme Report

16 February, 2016 | co2ethanobrien
Categories: Eritrea, Safe Water

Recently I had the opportunity to accompany our project partners Vita on an in country visit to Eritrea to report on the great work currently going on in country. The collaboration between Vita and co2balance continues to go from strength to strength and it impacts on the lives of Eritrean people is profound. I have… Read the full article >

The Paris Agreement: Look beyond the imperfection

12 January, 2016 | co2ethanobrien
Categories: Climate Change, Conferences

  On Saturday December 12, 2015, applause and cheers broke out throughout the conference hall at COP21 in Paris. It was celebration mixed with relief. The result is the first agreement requiring all nations, rich and poor, to pledge action on climate change, with the aim of restricting global warming to “well below 2C above pre-industrial levels”,… Read the full article >

Progress on ESOS: The CO2balance approach

13 November, 2015 | co2ethanobrien
Categories: CO2balance, ESOS

CO2balance has been quite busy working with companies across the UK to realise operational and cost efficiency energy savings under the Energy Saving Opportunity Scheme (ESOS), an EU wide energy efficiency directive. This week alone we have been conducting audits of businesses from a variety of sectors in Liverpool, Cardiff and London. In all cases our… Read the full article >

ESOS – Is time slipping away?

28 August, 2015 | co2ethanobrien
Categories: ESOS

The deadline for compliance to the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) is, now less than 100 days away. So far to-date, only a small fraction of the estimated 14,000+ organisation that fall under the new ESOS energy efficiency scheme, have met their legal requirements. A report published by the Energyst, found that there had been only 32 notifications… Read the full article >

CO2balance in Eritrea: First Gold Standard Registered Project

2 July, 2015 | co2ethanobrien
Categories: Eritrea, Improved Cookstoves

As a result of its pioneering global micro Programme of Activities (mPoA), co2balance are assisting partners develop projects in countries that have yet to see much benefit from carbon finance initiatives. It is of great satisfaction to confirm the registration of Gold Standard project (GS 3262) Improved Cookstoves in the Zoba Anseba region.  This VPA implemented along… Read the full article >

Papal Encyclical and Climate Change

19 June, 2015 | co2ethanobrien
Categories: Climate Change

After months of speculation and expectation, the Pope has released an encyclical about climate change and our species’ relationship with its natural environment. The encyclical, which is the highest form of communication that the Pope can issue, covered everything from battery storage to deforestation, to carbon credits to ecological debt, to calling for an end to fossil fuel use. Pope… Read the full article >

Progress in West Cameroon

16 April, 2015 | co2ethanobrien
Categories: Cameroon, Improved Cookstoves

Pleased to update on the significant progress in our West Cameroon cookstove project. This project is a landmark collaboration between CO2Balance and the African Centre for Renewable Energy & Sustainable Technology (ACREST). Together we have designed the ‘Sweet Mother Stove’, in a bid to improve lives in West Cameroon. The registration process of the project with the Gold… Read the full article >

Shimba Hills: Successful Issuance of Gold Standard Credits

4 March, 2015 | co2ethanobrien
Categories: Improved Cookstoves, Kenya

Shimba Hills is a rural district in south east coast Kenya one of the major co2balance projects in Kenya.In the last week, the Gold Standard Foundation confirmed that the Shimba Hills has issued carbon credits for its third monitoring period. As a result of this project, 10,985 households are using the efficient cook stoves. This has reduced emissions… Read the full article >