Co2balance and United Purpose Issue Carbon Credits for Borehole Projects in Malawi

27 January, 2017 | pierreco2
Categories: Malawi, Safe Water

After several years of collaborating on delivering safe water supply to rural communities in Malawi, Co2balance and United Purpose successfully issued the four initial projects for the second time. Covering 5 traditional authorities in Dowa and Kasungu  Disctricts, these projects have repaired and are maintaining approximately 40 boreholes in rural areas of central Malawi. The second… Read the full article >

Pumping Strong: Recurring Issuance of 5 Gold Standard Borehole projects in Northern Uganda

15 November, 2016 | pierreco2
Categories: Safe Water, Uganda

As a project developer, CO2balance pioneered the development of Borehole rehabilitation projects under the Gold Standard. We have been working in Northern Uganda  since 2013, repairing 41 boreholes and providing access to safe drinking water to more than 25,000 people. These project have now been issued for the 2nd and 3rd time. This is a… Read the full article >

Feasibility Assessment in Zambia

17 October, 2016 | pierreco2
Categories: Safe Water, Zambia

Many community members are very satisfied with the provision of clean and safe drinking water from our projects.  Following the repair of rural boreholes, we receive comments like this one: “We have no more stomach problems or frequent cases of typhoid” says one man months after the rehabilitation of his village borehole. co2balance and Vita… Read the full article >

6 New Borehole Projects Listed in Eritrea

8 July, 2016 | pierreco2
Categories: Eritrea, Safe Water

In Eritrea Co2balance and Vita are expanding in developing borehole rehabilitation offset projects. Adding to existing activities in the Maekel and Anseba District, 6 projects in the Southern District of Debub have just been listed with the Gold Standard. The projects will deliver access to clean drinking water for several dozen villages over a minimum… Read the full article >

Introducing myself

23 May, 2016 | pierreco2
Categories: CO2balance

Good Morning Everyone, A brief post to introduce myself and to thank you all for welcoming me to co2balance. Having started two weeks ago in the UK office, I already feel welcome and am delighted to join such a motivated team with great expertise in carbon finance and the development of climate change mitigation measures…. Read the full article >