Irrigation and Food Security in Malawi

15 May, 2017 | Rebecca Holdstock
Categories: Malawi

The climatic extremes of prolonged drought and frequent flooding are major challenges Malawi. A large part of the population relies on agriculture and is prone to be directly affected by the natural environment. One major environmental and economic issue is energy scarcity: In the absence of electricity and alternative fuel sources, trees are commonly used… Read the full article >

New VCS Issuance – Kenya Cookstoves

22 February, 2017 | Rebecca Holdstock
Categories: Improved Cookstoves, Kenya

CO2Balance successfully issued over 50,000 VERs under the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS)  for its efficient cookstove projects located in the constituencies of Mathira and Eldoret East, and Keiyo District. Six years after the initial distribution of efficient cook stoves in these areas, the projects continue operating well, with 97% of stoves continuing to be used…. Read the full article >