BBC podcast follows Joyce, part of our Rwanda projects, on her “quest for clean water in Rwanda”

12 March, 2021 | Oscar Lozada
Categories: Rwanda, Safe Water, Sustainable Development Goals

Joyce on her quest. Source: BBC World Service.

The BBC’s ‘Project 17’ podcast features one of the beneficiaries of CO2balance’s Rwanda Safe Water project in its epsiode on clean water. This episode follows Joyce, a 17 year old school girl, on her “quest for clean water in Rwanda”. It also has an accompanying BBC News article.

It has been six years from when global leaders drew up a list of 17 “Sustainable Development Goals” (SDGs) to create a blueprint for a better future. Back in 2015, the UN and governments from around the world agreed to support a plethora of goals covering food security, education, energy efficiency, gender equality, climate change and more – with the aim of achieving these by 2030.

Now, the BBC World Service has launched ‘Project 17’, a series of films and podcasts in which 17-year-olds from 17 different countries discuss what they believe needs to change if the world is to meet these goals by 2030.

Back in late 2019, the BBC met with Joyce, a 17 year old girl studying at the local school in Gatsibo district, in North East Rwanda, and within the local area of our Safe Water projects. Joyce wanted to discover how her country is on track to achieve SDG 6 (the goal of providing clean water and good sanitation for everyone by 2030).

So together they travel the country, with Joyce interviewing rural farmers, activists, schoolchildren and government spokespeople about the progress and future of health and sanitation in Rwanda.

Listen to the episode here!

Scenes from the CO2balance Safe Water Projects in Rwanda, in a village much like Joyce’s

CO2balance helped the BBC get in touch with Joyce, while our partners, Rwandans4Water helped them to meet and travel around the country, but otherwise we were not involved in the production or content of the episode.

More scenes from the CO2balance Safe Water Projects in Rwanda