Before and After – A Story from Kaliro

12 December, 2014 | andrewocama
Categories: Safe Water, Uganda

Often we get to see the stories of project success after projects have been implemented in communities. When in the field, we only spend a few minutes or hours with individuals and get to see how the projects we develop are impacting their lives. We often get to see only small details that inspire the progress we propone.

Recently on a field visit to our borehole project in Kaliro, it was seemingly one of those journeys. On a rainy Tuesday afternoon when we arrived at one of our proposed borehole repair sites. On arrival this is what we saw.

Noah at the water source.
Noah at the water source.

We found a collection of sinkholes in the valley that had been washed over by the just completed rain and so we got into a pleasantly animated discussion that is common among the people of this region. At this point one of the community members took to explaining how they get their water. She showed us a process that shows how much effort they put into getting this water.


From a hole full of water she would empty it completely and let water seep in from the ground. This process would be continued until she considered the water clean enough to pour into her water container.

Though clean-ish looking, the water is exposed to  so many contaminants it ca.t be considered a safe water source. This community will be one of the next ten to be serviced by our second borehole project in Kaliro district. They will be trained in WASH to ensure they observe good sanitation and their new water source will be tested frequently to ensure it is safe for them to consume. Next year will be a good one for the people of Kaliro.