CASE STUDY; Biasha Suleiman in Muhaka Kenya

4 April, 2014 | co2mosesmaina
Categories: Case Study, Improved Cookstoves, Kenya

In the Coastal region of Kenya there lies an area called Muhaka. It is one of the areas where Carbon Zero is implementing its clean cook stoves projects. In this area there lives a woman by the name Biasha Suleiman a proud owner of a Carbon Zero efficient cook stove number CZKMUH00138 in Kiuzini village, Kinondo sub location. On our mission to find out if the stoves have any significance in the lives of the beneficiaries Mama Biasha tells her story with joy indicating that she is very happy with CZK stove because the stove uses less firewood hence less time for her to spend collecting firewood in nearby fields.

In her own words she says ‘ ……in this area we have several women groups that engage in creative activities during free time, like weaving baskets for local sale and mats for home use and this is because of the CZK stoves which have at least enabled women to have extra time. Before we got these stoves you could be in the fields looking for firewood most of the time thus you don’t get any time for other things but today we can confidently say things are better’……
With a smile on her face Mama Biasha Suleiman says that ….’ being a member of JITEGEMEE women group, I am happy to say that CZK stove retains a lot of heat while cooking hence we can leave our hard foods cooking while we attend to group activities where we make makutis for selling thus have an income to sustain our families.
The whole village is just happy with CZK stoves as they are changing our lives so much”.

As Co2balance we are not happy because of the compliments from our beneficiaries but because of the impact created on the lives of the beneficiaries through our cook stove projects.