Corporate Climate Action

4 December, 2017 | co2richardstone
Categories: Climate Change, ESOS

Last week, I received confirmation that I obtained a high pass in the GHG Management Institute’s course in Organisational Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Accounting; this is part of our constant efforts to upskill the team so that we can continue to work to the highest standards. All our business reports are produced in accordance with the… Read the full article >

Budget 2016 – A missed opportunity?

17 March, 2016 | co2richardstone
Categories: ESOS

We heard from the Chancellor George Osborne yesterday as he set out government spending plans and it certainly offered a mixed bag for the energy and environment sector. It was framed as a budget of long-term solutions, “putting the next generation first”, which was promising following the recent Paris Agreement, however this claim has since… Read the full article >

ESOS: Driving forward..

28 January, 2016 | co2richardstone
Categories: ESOS

As we reach the extended deadline for large companies within the UK to comply to the Government’s Energy Saving Opportunity Scheme (ESOS), it is a good time to reflect on the main outcomes that were common across many of the reviews we conducted. Depending on the level of detail, audits can identify savings of between… Read the full article >

Environment Agency reviews ESOS Compliance Deadline

26 November, 2015 | administrator
Categories: ESOS

Its been a busy few months for co2balance as we close off our ESOS Energy Audit reports in time for the 5th December ESOS compliance deadline.  This date marks the cut off for when participating organisations must declare that a Lead Assessor has calculated their total energy consumption and overseen an audit  identifying cost effective energy savings for their operations. Organisations that… Read the full article >

Progress on ESOS: The CO2balance approach

13 November, 2015 | co2ethanobrien
Categories: CO2balance, ESOS

CO2balance has been quite busy working with companies across the UK to realise operational and cost efficiency energy savings under the Energy Saving Opportunity Scheme (ESOS), an EU wide energy efficiency directive. This week alone we have been conducting audits of businesses from a variety of sectors in Liverpool, Cardiff and London. In all cases our… Read the full article >

ESOS – Is time slipping away?

28 August, 2015 | co2ethanobrien
Categories: ESOS

The deadline for compliance to the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) is, now less than 100 days away. So far to-date, only a small fraction of the estimated 14,000+ organisation that fall under the new ESOS energy efficiency scheme, have met their legal requirements. A report published by the Energyst, found that there had been only 32 notifications… Read the full article >

Countdown to ESOS Compliance

19 May, 2015 | administrator
Categories: ESOS

With a deadline set at 5th December 2015, we are due to enter the final 6 month countdown until compliance with the 1st phase for ESOS (Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme) must be demonstrated by qualifying organisations.  ESOS is the UK Government’s response to an EU Directive that requires so-called Large Undertakings to undergo energy audits… Read the full article >

ESOS – Up and Running in 2015

16 January, 2015 | co2ethanobrien
Categories: Conferences, ESOS

The Environment Agency’s ESOS Compliance Portal is now live as you can see from the timeline below; ESOS requires all large UK enterprises to have an organisational energy audit every four years.  In December, the Environment Agency launched its compliance portal through which all submissions must be made in time for the January 2016 start… Read the full article >

Getting ready for ESOS

19 September, 2014 | Paul Chiplen
Categories: ESOS

Some you may be aware of the Government’s new Energy Saving Opportunity Scheme (ESOS), which forces “large undertakings” to audit their energy usages and report them to the Environment Agency. The concept is that through activity managing your energy usage it will open up your eyes to potential areas of energy savings, which has the… Read the full article >