Renovation of Aprons in the Lango Sub-region

17 June, 2016 | Grace Ayoo
Categories: Safe Water, Uganda

An apron slab is a smooth impermeable surface constructed around a borehole (hand pump) to prevent spilt water soaking into the ground. Its purpose is to prevent pollution of the groundwater supply and prevent the development of puddles or muddy conditions that are unpleasant, can attract mosquitoes, flies and animals around the borehole which could… Read the full article >

May Field Visit……..

10 June, 2016 | Grace Ayoo
Categories: Safe Water, Uganda

Last month Lucas and I had the chance to visit our project areas in the districts of Kole, Alebtong, Dokolo, Otuke and Kaliro. While there we carried out many activities that ranged from conducting a local stakeholder consultation meeting for a new borehole rehabilitation project, a visit to the Ministry of Water district office –… Read the full article >

Planned Annual Maintenance Programme

8 April, 2016 | Grace Ayoo
Categories: Safe Water, Uganda

C02balance has a proactive approach to maintenance of its borehole projects in which maintenance work is done on an annual basis. This is usually followed by reactive repairs during the year to ensure that the boreholes are in constant use for the 7 years of the project. It also ensures that the communities have a… Read the full article >

Local Stakeholder Consultation in Northern Uganda

7 April, 2016 | Lucas Emmerson
Categories: Safe Water, Uganda

CO2balance intend to develop a series of new borehole projects under the GS1247 Improved Kitchen Regimes Multi-Country PoA in northern Uganda (Alebong, Otuke, Dokolo, Kole and Oyam Districts). As part of this process we are interested in receiving feedback during the early stages of our project design and are inviting any interested parties including international… Read the full article >

Women and Climate Change

8 March, 2016 | Grace Ayoo
Categories: Sustainable Development Goals, Uganda

As we celebrate the International Women’s Day, it is worth remembering the role of women in mitigation and adaptation to climate change. For indigenous women — particularly in developing countries — threats to their environments constitute direct attacks on their physical, social, and economic health. They have a very close relationship with the cycles of… Read the full article >

The Shea nut tree…………….

22 January, 2016 | Grace Ayoo
Categories: Safe Water, Uganda

Traversing the northern districts of Uganda, one can’t help but notice a wide range of different tree species but the most noticeable is the shea nut tree that is endemic to that region. It is known for it’s numerous uses that range from butter, cosmetics, medicinal and locally in the northern part of Uganda, for… Read the full article >

CO2balance Issues 4 Ugandan Borehole VPAs under The Gold Standard

3 December, 2015 | Lucas Emmerson
Categories: CSR Projects, Safe Water, Uganda

Since 2013, CO2balance has been developing a number of borehole rehabilitation projects in Uganda under the Gold Standard voluntary carbon offset scheme. After almost 2 years, we are glad to announce that 4 VPAs in the Lango sub-region (Dokolo, Alebtong and Otuke Districts) have recently issued carbon credits for the first time. This is a… Read the full article >

Rehabilitation of Kaliro Boreholes

23 November, 2015 | Grace Ayoo
Categories: Safe Water, Uganda

Rehabilitation is the action taken to repair a borehole whose productivity has declined or that has failed completely through lack of monitoring and maintenance of the pump and/or well structure. Borehole rehabilitation usually involves so many aspects such as cleaning the capture section (pipes, pump), change of broken or rusted parts like the chain, pump… Read the full article >

Chlorination and Reactive Repair

17 October, 2015 | Grace Ayoo
Categories: Safe Water, Uganda

There are various ways of disinfecting wells but the most common is chlorination as it leaves a residual disinfectant in the water after chlorination. In a bid to provide clean water and eliminate the use of firewood to purify water, chlorination is one of the most effective ways of disinfecting water. Over a couple of… Read the full article >

Site Visit to Kaliro Project

25 September, 2015 | Grace Ayoo
Categories: Safe Water, Uganda

Most rural areas in Uganda typically use wood fuel on inefficient three stone fires to purify their drinking, cleaning and washing water. This process results in the release of greenhouse gas emissions from the combustion of wood – this can be avoided if a technology that does not require wood fuel supplies clean water desired… Read the full article >

CO2balance Registers 2nd Gold Standard Borehole Rehabilitation Project in Kaliro District, Uganda-GS3563

18 September, 2015 | Lucas Emmerson
Categories: Safe Water, Uganda

CO2balance are pleased to announce the registration of a second borehole rehabilitation project in Kaliro District (GS3563) under the global micro Programme of Activities (mPoA). Together with the support from the local NGO Women’s alliance and Children Affairs (WAACHA), CO2balance works closely with a range of stakeholders such as district officials, mechanics and community leaders… Read the full article >