Planned Annual Maintenance, Chlorination and Reactive Repairs of Boreholes

4 September, 2015 | Grace Ayoo
Categories: Safe Water, Uganda

Boreholes are resistant to many forms of natural and manmade disasters. Although the components above ground may be damaged, the narrow opening at the top of the borehole often prevents contamination of the water source or damage to the pump components below ground. In general, groundwater contains no or low levels of harmful pathogens (bacteria)… Read the full article >

Kaliro Safe Water Project Registered

3 September, 2015 | Lucas Emmerson
Categories: Safe Water, Uganda

Through its innovative global micro Programme of Activities (mPoA), CO2balance are developing projects in some of the most remote and poverty-stricken areas in the world, which have yet to gain access to the benefits of carbon finance. Since 2013, we have listed over 40 new micro-scale VPAs under the Gold Standard Foundation, the majority of… Read the full article >

Gender and Climate Change

16 August, 2015 | Grace Ayoo
Categories: Climate Change, Safe Water, Uganda

In Uganda, the evidence of climate change includes increased average temperatures and erratic rainfall, which pose a threat to human security. The impact of climate change has significant gender implications because of the different roles, needs, capacities and positioning of women and men in society. As a result, women and men are exposed to different… Read the full article >

Access to Clean Water

1 August, 2015 | Grace Ayoo
Categories: Safe Water, Uganda

The demand for food, fodder and biofuels is growing everywhere, and the value of land is rising accordingly; so is the need for clean safe water. Traversing the Lango sub-region in the Northern part of Uganda made this need louder as many villages still do not have access to clean safe water which promotes environmental sanitation… Read the full article >

Working With Co2balance

23 July, 2015 | Grace Ayoo
Categories: Safe Water, Uganda

I joined Co2balance on June 15, 2015 as a Project Development Coordinator for the projects in Uganda mainly in the Lango sub region and Kaliro district in Eastern Uganda. I was very keen to learn more about carbon finance in relation to water projects and this is what Co2balance has to offer. My orientation covered… Read the full article >

Deeper Growth

27 March, 2015 | andrewocama
Categories: Safe Water, Uganda

Over the past two years, co2balance has worked with partners in Uganda to develop safe water based carbon projects. We have learnt several lessons and grown to our 5 fully operational projects with two projects in the pipeline.  For further information on how to partner us visit the company website The biggest partnership we… Read the full article >

Supporting self-reliance

9 February, 2015 | andrewocama
Categories: Uganda

The hallmark of projects implemented by co2balance partners in Uganda over the past two years has been a strong partnership with communities. Water as a resource requires that the communities who consume it have to get involved in management of the boreholes lest they get back to their original state of ruin. Last week, I… Read the full article >

Micro-scale Borehole Projects listed in in Uganda!

15 January, 2015 | antonisfoukaras
Categories: Safe Water, Uganda

The Gold Standard confirmed this week that two more micro scale borehole projects in Uganda have been listed. Therefore, now we have three micro-scale borehole projects in total listed in the Kaliro District in central Uganda. The latest two Gold Standards approved projects involve the rehabilitation and maintenance of hand-pumped boreholes owned by communities in… Read the full article >

Kaliro Projects

23 October, 2014 | andrewocama
Categories: Safe Water, Uganda

I have spent the better part of this month in the field in Kaliro working on our monitoring surveys and then coordinating a Validation site visit by Gold Standard and Fair trade auditors. it has been a great time meeting with the communities and personally receiving their appreciation on behalf of co2balance. On one occasion,… Read the full article >

WASH In Kaliro

1 September, 2014 | andrewocama
Categories: Safe Water, Uganda

I spent the last week with co2balance partners in Kaliro starting of the WASH projects and visiting project sites. It was a good exercise as I got to ensure the partners understand our expectations and that we were not pushing them to unreasonable levels and I also got to understand the experiences they face when… Read the full article >

Darkness at noon, the sun after the rain

15 August, 2014 | andrewocama
Categories: Uganda

This week presented Uganda with the paradox of an exciting storm. Kampala was ablaze with the uproar of “Darkness at noon”. One clever blogger actually did a good work at photoshopping alien spaceships into the Kampala sky. We also experienced new flood zones with the Coty Authorities as usual getting the blame. Am glad that… Read the full article >

Discussing Water and Sanitation

4 August, 2014 | andrewocama
Categories: Safe Water, Uganda

I spent last week in the North of Uganda looking to setup a sustainable WASH programs in Alebtong District. We found out that in terms of community mobilization it is a very busy time. The government of Uganda is issuing new identity cards to citizens all over the country and the registration process is at… Read the full article >

WASH Programme in Uganda

30 July, 2014 | eszterhegyi
Categories: Improved Cookstoves, Uganda

Any development practitioner would confirm the fact that without effective community engagement no clean water project can be successful, no matter how much energy, time and money spent on the project by other stakeholders. That is why CO2balance has launched a more participative WASH sensitization and community engagement programme in Kole, Otuke, Alebtong and Dokolo… Read the full article >