Celebrating the registration of CO2balance Group Ltd in Uganda!

15 September, 2022 | Issie Hatfield
Categories: CO2balance, Safe Water, Uganda

CO2balance have been operating in Uganda as a safe water supply organisation for over 8 years. We currently manage over 800 functioning water points across the country; from districts in the West, across the Northern regions, and in to districts in the East. Together with our in-country team, we have worked hard to establish close relationships with Government and District leaders to ensure our activities are closely aligned to their safe water development plans.

Water users at Acung Apenyi borehole

To improve our relationships moving forward and to formalise our presence in the country, we’re delighted to confirm that CO2balance Group Ltd is now registered as a Foreign Company in Uganda. As a registered entity in Uganda, we can increase engagement with relevant Government and District departments alongside similar stakeholders in the field. Our activities will further align with national and district-level policies, conforming with the prescribed national Operation and Monitoring programme. Whilst many of these activities are already an ongoing priority for CO2balance, the registration of the company will formalise these agreements, relationships and activities.

This news is announced at an exciting time in Uganda as we work to expand our safe water supply projects in the North of the country, exploring technologies such as solar pumps, water kiosks and piped systems to ensure our activities are inline with current development levels. Technical assessments are ongoing in the region, with over 300 water points assessed in the past month. We have begun to re-new partnerships with District officials to aid this expansion process and streamline our activities to ensure the projects are sustainable.