Climate Change Case Studies Series: Field Officer, Sierra Leone

2 December, 2021 | Issie Hatfield
Categories: Carbon Offsetting, Case Study, Climate Change, Sierra Leone

This week’s interview for the Climate Change Case Studies Series is with a our NGO partners in Sierra Leone, CODE-SL. One of the field officers, Samuka, shares their views on climate change and how, in Sierra Leone, it can be addressed to ensure a safer future for the next generation.

Have you seen any effects of climate change over your lifetime? If yes, what are these effects?

I have seen changes in pattern of rains during the rainy season. Also flooding, drought and even the degree of hotness of a place that may lead to destruction of living organisms.

How has climate change affected your livelihood?.

It can lead to low-income generation. That is to say the weight of the economy will fall and living conditions will be hard or difficult.

What are your attitudes towards climate change?

The solution involves activities such as advocacy and awareness raising sensitization campaigns in communities, stakeholder engagement, radio discussions, training, workshops etc.

Have you taken any action to adapt to changes in climate? If yes, what have you taken?

Yes, we need to adapt through the formation of bye-laws and to tell the community people about the negative impact of climate change.

What are your concerns for future generations?

To put structures in place to avoid any occurrence of climate change in future, such as policy that will guide people in communities to deposit their waste disposal appropriately to avoid sickness and environmental degradation.