Climate Change Case Studies Series: Senior Environment Officer, Kaliro, Uganda

12 November, 2021 | Issie Hatfield
Categories: Case Study, Climate Change, CO2balance, Safe Water, Uganda

To continue our Climate Change Case Studies Series, we hear from the Senior Environment Officer in Kaliro District, Uganda. CO2balance work closely with government officials throughout safe water projects, from determining which boreholes require rehabilitation to engaging with communities and encouraging them to maintain the functionality of the borehole.

To date, CO2balance have rehabilitated 70 boreholes in Kaliro and continue to successfully work with government officials to deliver project activities. As a government official in a developing country, we are interested to hear the Environment Officer’s attitudes and thoughts about climate change.

Have you seen any effects of climate change over your lifetime? If yes, what are these effects?

Yes, over my lifetime I have seen the effects of climate change including crop failures and longer dry spells.

How has climate change affected your livelihood?

Climate change has resulted in poor nutrition, poor productivity, and reduced incomes.

What are your attitudes towards climate change?

Climate change is an area which requires attention in regards to mitigation and adaption strategies.

Have you taken any action to adapt to changes in climate? If yes, what have you taken?

Yes. These adaptations include planting more trees, restoring wetlands, promoting efficient energy use technologies, and diversifying livelihood options.

What are your concerns for future generations?

A key concern is to integrate climate change issues in their routine planning for development and education.