Climate Change Case Studies Series – sharing the unheard voices

3 November, 2021 | Issie Hatfield
Categories: Case Study, Climate Change, CO2balance, Safe Water, Sierra Leone

This week, discussions continue at COP26 as the conference shines a light on the climate crisis and it’s devastating impacts across the globe. As an organisation that is working to reduce the impact of carbon emissions on our climate whilst improving the lives of those that are on the frontline of the changing climate, we would like to use our platform to share the voices of people that are experiencing some of the worst effects of climate change.

This post marks the start of our climate change case studies series on our blog! We aim to report on opinions, attitudes, and experiences of climate change from those living in developing countries.

To start the series, we hear from a CO2balance borehole user in Levuma Community, Sierra Leone.

Name: Mamie Sandi

Age: 55

Occupation: Farmer in Levuma Community in Sierra Leone

Have you seen any effects of climate change over your lifetime? If yes, what are these effects?

Yes. The effect of climate change includes drought, heat waves, storms, rising sea levels etc. All these can directly harm animals, destroy the places they live and wreak havoc on people’s livelihoods and communities.

How has climate change affected your livelihood?

There is drought because of prolonged periods of abnormal low rainfall leading to shortage of water. The pump we get safe drinking water from produces low yield. It also reduces agricultural productivity drastically.

What are your attitudes towards climate change?

As an individual my attitude towards climate change are since the water from the pump has low yield the opening and closure of the pump is on a timely and ration basis in order to access water at all times.

Beneficiary drinking water from a CO2balance operated borehole in Sierra Leone

Have you taken any action to adapt to changes in climate? If yes, what have you taken?

Yes. Stop community people through by-laws not to cut wood from the forest and also abstain from boiling water from drinking water in communities with the provision of safe drinking water, hence that will cause emissions.

What are your concerns for future generations?

My concern for future generations is that there is prospect for increase in population and human activities is largely responsible for climate change. If this continues, it will cause future generation health, hazard, death and economic challenges.

Keep an eye on our blog posts or Linkedin profile to hear more from our project partners, local government representatives and borehole community members about how climate change has impacted their lives.