Who We Work With | Partners in Carbon Reduction

At CO2balance, we work with a diverse array of organisations worldwide to assist them in managing and mitigating their carbon emissions. Our global partnerships for carbon emission management and community-based carbon finance projects include prominent blue-chip companies such as Toshiba Tec and Canon Medical, as well as esteemed public sector organisations like the UN Foundation and the European Environment Agency.

These collaborations highlight the breadth of who we work with and underscore our commitment to fostering sustainable practices across various sectors. Our engagement with these organisations is not just about reducing carbon footprints; it is about integrating sustainability into their core operations, ensuring that they contribute positively to the global effort against climate change. Through bespoke carbon management solutions, we help these entities achieve their environmental goals while also enhancing their operational efficiency and corporate social responsibility profiles.

Additionally, we have developed long-standing relationships with numerous local and international NGOs, including Vita and United Purpose. These partnerships are essential in implementing community-based carbon finance projects, driving both environmental sustainability and social development. Through these collaborations, we aim to create impactful and lasting change in communities around the globe. Our NGO partners are instrumental in reaching underserved communities, where carbon finance projects can make a significant difference in improving living conditions and promoting sustainable livelihoods.

Through these collaborations, we aim to create impactful and lasting change in communities around the globe. Our projects often focus on providing clean energy solutions, such as efficient cookstoves and solar lighting, which not only reduce carbon emissions but also improve health outcomes and economic opportunities for local populations. By leveraging the expertise and reach of our partners, we are able to scale our impact and ensure that our initiatives are both sustainable and locally relevant.

In essence, the diversity of who we work with reflects our holistic approach to carbon management and sustainability. Whether partnering with large multinational corporations or grassroots NGOs, our goal remains the same: to drive meaningful environmental and social change through innovative carbon finance solutions. Together with our partners, we are committed to building a more sustainable future for all.



“We started working with CO2balance in 2013 to finalise a cookstoves project in Eritrea. They have been very supportive and adaptive in finding a solution that meets our needs and we will continue to work with them as a preferred partner to develop future opportunities.”

John Gilliland, Head of Programmes, Vita