CO2balance achieve FIRST-EVER Gender Responsive Certification

6 November, 2019 | co2james
Categories: Safe Water, Sustainable Development Goals, Uganda

CO2balance have recently issued the first ever carbon project with Gold Standard “Gender Responsive” Certification!

CO2balance worked with the Gold Standard to certify the impacts of the Lango Safe Water Project on SDG 5: Gender Equality, such as reducing time poverty of women and girls, empowering individuals and communities, and reducing exposure to gender-based violence. The Project activities go beyond the traditional carbon project, and focus on sensitisation on gender issues, women’s empowerment and monitoring the outcomes of these activities.

The Project saves each household 2 hours per day by reducing the time spent collecting water. This time can now be spent engaging in generating activities, leisure or other domestic tasks. As well as reducing time poverty and exposure to gender-based violence, the Project has also provided over 40,000 with access to safe water and reduced CO2 emissions by over 100,000 tonnes!

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