co2balance arrives for project stakeholder meeting in Bangang, Cameroon

6 January, 2014 | CO2balance
Categories: Cameroon, Improved Cookstoves

Eszter Hegyi from co2balance has arrived in Bangang, Cameroon to conduct the local stakeholder consultation alongside our project partner ACREST on the 7th Jan 2014.  The meeting will be held in ACREST’s headquarters, in a lush jungle location powered by a water wheel – redefining the meaning of green!


The ‘West Cameroon Improved Cookstoves Project’ will see co2balance leveraging carbon finance to subsidise a construction and sales programme of over 3300 efficient wood burning stoves in the cities of Mbouda and Dschanque.  90% of people purchase wood fuel in these two cities, which has led to a dramatic decline in the nearby forests and consistent price rises in the main fuel used for everyday cooking.  Our project will help reverse both of these negative trends and also kickstart a local business opportunity, which we will help to expand as awareness of cleaner, more efficient cooking technology grows.

This will be the second mini project within our Micro Energy Programme of Activities, which has been specifically designed to work with new partners to develop small domestic level energy efficiency projects in low to middle-income countries in Africa and Asia.  Using this and our other low income country programme, we are able to develop projects in most countries across the globe and take advantage of the simplified rules for programmes of activities to offer our partners a route to scale up their business using carbon credit funding.

This is our first project in Cameroon and our first in a Francophone country, fingers crossed it will be the first of many – Bonne Chance Eszter!