CO2balance in Eritrea: First Gold Standard Registered Project

2 July, 2015 | co2ethanobrien
Categories: Eritrea, Improved Cookstoves

As a result of its pioneering global micro Programme of Activities (mPoA), co2balance are assisting partners develop projects in countries that have yet to see much benefit from carbon finance initiatives. It is of great satisfaction to confirm the registration of Gold Standard project (GS 3262) Improved Cookstoves in the Zoba Anseba region.  This VPA implemented along with our partners Vita an Irish Charity, involves the development of improved “Mogogo Stoves”, unique to the Eritrean way of life. The community-based approach is used to train women how to construct, maintain and repair stoves, ensuring that future generations will also benefit.

The Gold Standard Foundation confirmed just this week that the registration process was completed. This marks a milestone in the development of our projects in Eritrea, so well done to all involved thus far. Watch this space for continued updates and stories from the field as our work in Eritrea continues to go from strength to strength.

co2balance Managing Director Mark Simpson and John Gilliland of Vita on a recent site visit to Eritrea in June 2015.