Co2balance makes ‘happy’ December site visit to Togo 

2 February, 2024 | Prince Teye
Categories: Climate Change, CO2balance, Safe Water, Sustainable Development Goals, Togo, West Africa

From glorious welcomes received from grateful communities, the broad smiles on very happy faces, the one-on-one engagement with project beneficiaries, testimonies of the life-changing intervention, to the assessment of borehole and general project functionality, our December 2023 trip was nothing but fulfilling.  

Two months ago, CO2balance travelled to Togo for a Safe Water project site visit, our first since borehole rehabilitations began on the field.  

Borehole inspection in Mihedokope village

Our in-country partner, the Institution for Economic and Social Development (IADES) have been typically responsible for day-to-day running of the project, which involves rehabilitation of broken boreholes, 200 of them, to ensure that project communities have access to safe water. 

Borehole inspection in Mihedokope village

Apart from saving community members from possible water-borne diseases, and saving members time for investment in other productive activities, access to safe water ensures that community members would not turn to the alternate of treating water from unsafe sources such as rivers, well, etc., which is usually done by boiling over firewood fueled three-stone fires, which typically increases global carbon footprint.  

Our trip also coincided with important project activities such as WASH training, Follow-up visit, Chlorination and Sample Collection. 

A community member display content of a WASH training material
IADES team undertaking flame sterilisation before fetching water sample

Again, we took the opportunity to visit the laboratories where we typically undertake various water quality tests to familiarise ourselves with their facilities and process and interact with members of the lab. 

Below are some more photos from our ten-day trip. 

CO2balance visits water quality lab
CO2balance visits water quality lab
CO2balance meets members of IADES field team in Togolese town of Notse
Community members welcome CO2balance with singing and dancing
CO2balance visits water quality lab
CO2balance borehole in village of Tchikpan