Corporate Social Responsibility

CO2balance implements CSR projects with corporate clients and NGO partners which increase support to communities in areas where we implement carbon projects. Clients purchasing carbon credits have the option to invest in such projects delivered by CO2balance or they can request to develop a bespoke CSR project according to their aims and interests.

CSR projects aim to improve key facilities that communities rely upon. School projects have involved providing hygiene facilities such as improved latrines and handwashing points accompanied by delivering water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) training to halt the spread of waterborne diseases.

Solar systems to power lighting and provide electricity for charging have also been installed in schools. Solar lighting allows children to stay after school to do homework and charging ports allow the school to make a small income by allowing community members to charge their phones for a fee which the school can use to buy needed supplies. Other projects include the installation of efficient cookstoves in school kitchens and local businesses to help them meet growing food demands.

Larger CSR projects involve the renovation of health clinics and hospitals in partnership with local governments. CO2balance works closely with partners and government officials to ensure we fulfil the requirements of local government and meet the needs of the communities to develop a healthcare project that is beneficial to all. So far we have implemented over 10 health centre projects in several countries where we operate.