CO2balance’s first safe water project celebrates 10 year anniversary!

13 May, 2024 | Charlotte Gadd
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Celebrating 10 years of safe water at one of our rehabilitated boreholes.

In 2013 and 2014 we launched our first safe water project across Kole, Alebtong, Otuke and Dokolo (KAOD) districts in Uganda. Like the majority of our safe water projects, this involved rehabilitating 41 non-functional handpump operated boreholes in rural communities where the residents had previously been reliant on using unsafe water sources such as open wells or rivers.

A borehole being repaired.

Across Uganda 48% of the rural population do not have access to a basic safe water supply, highlighting the need for projects such as these. This project alone has provided safe drinking water to over 10,000 people as well as providing other benefits such as increased time for leisure activities and improved health. In addition to providing benefits directly to the local communities using these rehabilitated boreholes, this project has prevented the emission of over 90,000 tonnes of CO2e (based on 2023 emission reduction figures) and opened the door to develop further safe water projects across Uganda. In Uganda we have now rehabilitated 1092 boreholes and provided safe water to an estimated 420,000 people (based on most recent borehole user lists). Our Ugandan safe water projects also paved the way for global expansion, we now work on safe water projects in eleven countries with current plans for safe water projects in a further four countries which will enable us to continue to provide safe drinking water to a great deal of people who need it the most.

Celebrating with singing and dancing at one of the rehabilitated boreholes.

We are excited to see what the next decade (and beyond) has in store!

To find out more about our safe water projects in Uganda, watch our video below.

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