COVID 19 – The Eye Opener

22 August, 2020 | co2mosesmaina
Categories: COVID-19, Kenya, Safe Water

There are many people in the world who live in abject poverty, they struggle to get the very basic needs of life but even so none of these people no matter how poor they are can afford to live without water. Because water is life. Water is so essential for many needs i.e. drinking, sanitation, and food production; but a large proportion of the global demographic lives with limited access to water, not to mention safe water.  The current COVID-19 pandemic has further exacerbated the situation as families require even more water for handwashing, drinking and personal hygiene.

Many governments and development partners in the developing world have a key role to play now and post Covid 19.  A role to focus their efforts in ensuring that the citizenry many who are poor have access to quality water. In Kenya during this pandemic many families have survived just by the hand of God especially those living in urban slums and rural areas that access to water is a challenge. None of these families could afford getting enough water to keep washing hands as directed by the government to stay safe. This lack of access to water has continuously deprived citizens their most basic protection against the spread of the virus.

The ministry of health has in many occasions shared government measures and guidelines to prevent the Kenyan people from the virus but these measures are hard to achieve without access to water. Access to water allows people to comply with the recommendations of health institutions to keep strict hygiene measures as directed by government. Co2balance is happy to be part of the solution as it is currently providing safe water to many rural communities across various counties in Kenya who would otherwise be exposed at the moment.

Co2balance has partnered with different county governments and rehabilitated hundreds of non-functional water boreholes in different regions in the country allowing rural communities to easily access water within their reach for free.  This couldn’t have come at a better time than this when these communities need water even more.

In the ongoing global efforts to combat the pandemic Co2blance continues to engage rural communities in different parts of the country maintaining all the rehabilitated water boreholes to improve access to water and sanitation services.