CZK Stove that Changed My Life

6 March, 2015 | co2mosesmaina
Categories: Improved Cookstoves, Kenya

Konya Sub-Location is an administrative division in Kisumu County, Kenya. The area is well known for its fertile land and surplus production in agricultural produce. It is in this area that Edith Adhiambo who is a beneficiary of the CZK cook stove lives with her three children in a small farm in a village called Simboi.
Edith Adhiambo lost her husband a few years back and has the burden of taking care of her three children of which two are currently in public primary schools. She used to go to the bush to collect firewood on a daily basis while using the three stone fires.”I used to walk for four to six hours searching for firewood since there is a ban in the forest and when a person is found collecting in the forest is arrested .In addition to collecting, I used to buy firewood especially in rainy seasons and spent a lot of money since the price escalate and there is scarcity’’ she narrates that the three stone fire was always fond of causing accidents in her house.” one day as I was out looking for firewood, my last born who is two years old got severe burns as he was trying to get food from the cooking pot.” it was so sad because I had to spend the little money that I had to take him to hospital. Also the amount of fire going to waste with the three stone is unbelievable since it is not easy to regulate fire and the amount of smoke being emitted”.

She further narrates that ‘’the most annoying thing about the three stone cook stove is the fact that it does not reserve heat. I have to reheat food during lunch break when my children come back for their meal and it is a waste of time since I have to leave other chores to take care of them before they go back to school for their evening classes. The smoke emitted is too much that the cooking pots were all covered in soot which was an embarrassment even to my own children who could not help me wash dishes”.
However all this changed once I received the czk stove, I have managed to save time through proper wood management, including early collection, drying and storage .In addition to that I no longer reheat food and the food itself is very delicious .Once the czk stove is used it saves a lot of heat and money, only two pieces of wood fuel per meal, this has enabled me to join a women group which through my savings helped me purchase a dairy cow. The milk I get from the cow has helped me educate, feed my family, cater for medical expenses and dress my children. With smoke eliminated there is less soot on the cooking pot which makes it presentable and easy to wash by using less soap hence saving finances. I have adequate time to take care of my dairy cow which is my source of livelihood something I could not do previously before getting the CZK stove.

Compiled by; Christine Atira and Moses Maina