Eritrean Borehole Projects in Gold Standard Listing Process

31 July, 2015 | CO2balance
Categories: Eritrea, Safe Water

As a result of its pioneering global micro Programme of Activities (mPoA), co2balance are assisting partners develop projects in countries that have yet to see much benefit from carbon finance initiatives. The most recent additions to our PoA are GS 4422 and 4423 which are first of its kind clean water borehole VPAs in Zoba Maekel, Eritrea.  These VPAs are implemented along with our partners Vita an Irish Charity. Both projects proceeded to the Gold Standard listing process this week. Watch this space for updates from the borehole rehabilitation programme as the success of these projects goes from strength to strength.

Zoba Maekel Stakeholder Consultation Photo
Zoba Maekel Stakeholder Consultation July 2015
Vita Team addressing the stakeholders in the district
Vita Team addressing the stakeholders in the district