First Togo Borehole Rehabilitations!

9 May, 2022 | Megan Jones
Categories: Safe Water, Togo, West Africa

We are very pleased to announce that over the past few weeks the first 2 borehole rehabilitations for our Togo Safe Water Project have been completed, a huge and exciting milestone for this project!

Amie and I are currently in Togo representing CO2balance and were able to visit the boreholes shortly after they were rehabilitated to meet with the communities which will benefit from the project.

At the first community in the Kévé district, we were welcomed to have a meeting with the communities in the trees next to their newly rehabilitated borehole. Here we discussed the projects aims, activities and monitoring to take place, and answered all questions they had regarding the project. It was great to meet the community and to learn more about the daily lives and culture of the project beneficiaries.

Members of the community who received the first borehole rehabilitated by the project, alongside CO2balance, Deki and IADES team members.

We arrived at the second community very shortly after their borehole had been fully rehabilitated so there was a lot of excitement and a buzz within the village. Women gathered around the borehole with pots to fill with water and many others watched on.

We learnt that for the past 2 years these women had been travelling 3km to collect water each day, taking up huge amounts of time. The borehole now provides a reliable source of water within the center of their village.

Members of the second community whose borehole was rehabilitated gathering around and collecting water.

Over the next 2 years a total of around 520 boreholes will be rehabilitated and included within the project, supporting over 120,000 people in accessing safe water, we are eager and excited to progress with the rehabilitations.