Getting out of the Jungle

15 July, 2014 | co2mosesmaina
Categories: Kenya

The first week of July we had our verification for our GS project in Shimba, in the Coastal region of Kenya. This involved traversing; Kasighau, Maungu, Golini and Muhaka, quite a long stretch but unavoidable. It all started and went so well until the very last day when the roads proved impassable. By far not a great experience, but a pretty moment full of fear of the unknown. No network to even make a call to find ways of salvaging ourselves! Bad things happen to good people. We had to think fast and straight.
In my mind it was clear that my colleagues were very scared since they were in Kenya for their very first time in their lives and thus depended on me to find a way out! I kept on telling myself “I want to get out and find options. We need to get out. It would be great to get out and save the team.’’ And the longer I stay there the more pressure piled on me. At that time I just let my mind wander about the dangers of being lost in a jungle.
Finally I took the decision to walk to nowhere and find solutions no matter the cost; after about two kilometres finally I accessed network and began making calls that finally saw us find solutions to our menace, thanks to technology. After getting the means to toy our vehicle we struggled pushing the car on the sandy road. It took time, energy and relentless hard work. The visual of the jungle and the dangers it held for us were strong enough to lead us out. Finally we successfully got to the main road and the whole team was happy!
I am sure the photos down here can explain the long story better!