Getting the Right Survey Data

30 January, 2015 | co2mosesmaina
Categories: Kenya

Good data is simply too important to be left to chance. Organizations/Companies must be able to trust the integrity of their data in order to handle basic business processes to adapt to changing needs, but strict enough to protect the organization’s information assets. Data quality is an essential characteristic that determines the reliability of data for making decisions. High-quality data is; Complete, Accurate, Available and Timely.
This can only be achieved through;
• Governance and leadership – clear roles and responsibilities to ensure accountability for data quality
• Policies – policies and procedures in place to check data
• Systems and processes – in place that secure the quality of data
• People and skills – train staff so they have the appropriate knowledge, competencies and capacity for their roles
• Data use – focus on securing data which is accurate, valid, reliable, timely, relevant and complete
Knowing the high quality of data we need mid this month we held a KPT training in Wema Nakuru County to train World Vision casuals on performing an effective Kitchen Performance Test (KPT). The KPT measures the relative rate of fuel wood consumed by a stove as its used in the normal household environment. Its purpose is to demonstrate the effect of stove interventions on household fuel consumption.
There are two main goals of the KPT: (1) to assess qualitative aspects of stove performance through household surveys and (2) to compare the impact of improved stove(s) on fuel consumption in the kitchens of real households. To meet these aims, the KPT includes quantitative surveys of fuel consumption and qualitative surveys of stove performance and acceptability. This type of testing, when conducted carefully, is the best way to understand the stove’s impact on fuel use and on general household characteristics and behaviours because it occurs in the homes of stove users.
Due to the high quality of data needed we took time to thoroughly train the field teams to ensure they perfectly understand how to run the test effectively thus attain the required results. It was a great exercise running through theory and practicals of the KPT. (And hurrah! below is the team of trained casuals ready to go!) wv training kpt 2