Getting up close and personal with your project

18 July, 2014 | Paul Chiplen
Categories: CO2balance, Improved Cookstoves, Kenya

Whilst we offer clients the opportunities to come on over and experience the African way of life, and to see the projects that they are supporting first hand, it is not always a practical option to many.  So to help you get closer to your stoves or boreholes we have our GPS tagging system; taking you to the project location without even getting out of your seat.

When we provide a stove to a family in Africa, or fix a broken borehole, we take a photo using a camera phone that has GPS tracking, providing the location to an accuracy of about 5 metres, give or take.


This provides two great benefits – the first helps us with our internal and external auditing process, so that we can show the auditor the locations of the stoves that we have installed in a particular area; and secondly it allows you know exactly where your offsetting has taken place.


We supply you with a “kml” file of the stoves or boreholes which means that – as long as you have Google Earth installed on your computer – you can “zoom in” and locate the stoves that have allocated as part of your offsetting or CSR work, taking you direct to your project with just a few clicks of your mouse.

To get up close and personal with your project, please give us a call or email us.