How to reduce your carbon footprint even when working from home

1 November, 2020 | Matthew Pike
Categories: Carbon Offsetting

With the work commute on hold, we are now driving less, taking less public transport and even slurping our way through less disposable coffee cups. Whilst this may create a personal dip in producing significantly less carbon emissions, your working from home shift may not be as environmentally friendly as you may have imagined..

Here are Five Simple Steps To Take Whilst Working From Home To Reduce Your Carbon Footprint Further:

  1. An extra layer over an extra degree on the thermostat
    What you may have noticed with all this extended working from home, is the higher than normal energy bill! Laptops plugged-in and phones on constant charge do add up and with the colder months now upon us, it is all too easy to turn up that heating dial a few degrees over putting on an extra jumper or a good pair of slipper socks! Turning the heating down a single degree can save up 184kg of CO2 a year!

  2. Not Next Day Delivery
    Online shopping is booming like never before during the COVID-19 pandemic. Whilst it may seem convenient to know your delivery will be with you by the next day, opting for slower and often cheaper delivery method could reduce the carbon emissions of delivery by up to 30%.

  3. Make it a reusable face mask
    The use of face-coverings has not only lead to a negative environmental impact of many single-use face masks being disposed of improperly, but there is also evidence that the production and use of single-use face masks has a much higher carbon footprint than their reusable counterparts. Wherever possible, use a reusable face mask.

  4. One less Netflix marathon
    With a second lockdown now confirmed for the UK and generally more time being spent indoors, streaming services have never been so popular. As Arwa Mahdawi writes, “Digital technology has ushered in an age of inconspicuous consumption.” Transmitting and streaming of video content now accounts for at least 1% of all emissions.

  5. Offset.
    Even working from home, you’ll be surprised by the impact and size of your carbon footprint. Why not take a calculation of your work teams footprint and get in touch with us to discuss our available offsetting services and opportunities.